Past, present, and future of statistical mechanics

The conference will be an occasion to reflect on past successes of the mathematical approach to statistical physics, and more importantly, to look to the future. The area is currently undergoing major transformation, with many applications to diverse areas such as non-equilibrium systems, complex systems, random graphs, and computer science. The conference aims at identifying promising new horizons, and at helping to create the common language and unity of purpose that make cross-interactions possible. There will be many stimulating lectures and discussions thanks to the participation of first-rate scientists from different fields.

Roman Kotecký's 60th birthday

The pretext for this meeting is Prof. Roman Kotecký's 60th birthday, and we will mark the milestone during the conference dinner.

Our sponsors

This conference is being made possible thanks to generous support from the London Mathematical Society, and also from Microsoft Research and from the German Science Foundation (DFG). We thank them very much for their support.